About Us

Cummings Entertainment Group is an award winning video and multimedia production company that has produced reality, dramatic, comedy, and documentary programming for virtually every major broadcast and cable network. Their award winning television series "The Making Of:" created by its founder Drew Cummings, pioneered and defined the form known as docu-tainment, taking viewers for the first time behind-the-scenes of major motion pictures such as Terminator, Robocop, and over 60 other major feature films (IMDB) as part of the weekly series (1984-1990). CEG and its subsidiary company AENTV was also an early pioneer in the development, production and syndication of original streaming video content for the internet, producing daily hit series from 1999 to 2001 with partners Billboard Magazine, Game Pro Magazine, Publishers Weekly Magazine, and The Hollywood Reporter.
AENTV was also honored by Broadcast & Cable Magazine naming it as one of the top 10 streaming video websites on the internet, pioneering the development and production of original content for the Internet. In 2001 AENTV was acquired by the Ampex Corporation, a publicly held technology giant since 1947, and inventor of video recording technology with over 1200 patents that have defined technological advances in the video, audio, and photographic industries.
In 2002 CEG expanded their development offices and production facilities to Miami to focus on new technology and video production for the emerging mobile and multimedia markets, including APP development for IOS, Android, and Windows platforms.


Lasting Partnerships


Bahamas Bureau of Tourism

Cummings Entertainment was recently commissioned by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to film the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. The project included filming the beaches, countryside, and points of interest on Nassau, Grand Bahamas, and the Outer Islands. The stock HD footage will be used for advertising, marketing, public relations, news, and multi-media needs, and also be made available to the media on Getty Images. The fourteen day filming schedule included five days of helicopter aerial footage.

New 20th Century3.png

Our 20th Century - Featuring Leonard Nimoy

Prior to the untimely death of beloved actor/director Leonard Nimoy from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Nimoy hosted a monumental project for CEG involving one of the largest archive video news libraries in the world for a nostalgic journey through the 20th Century with news clips and top news stories of the decades.

Following Nimoy's death on February 27, 2015, Drew Cummings announced that the website located at www.20thcentury.com, will be dedicated to the memory of Leonard Nimoy and become a non-profit venture to raise money for the research and cure for COPD.


Devry University

In 2012, as a member of the Industry Advisory Board of DeVry University, CEG entered into a multi-year agreement with DeVry, Inc. (DV-NYSE) to provide student mentoring and supervisory overview to a new collaborative learning project titled the Creative Design Incubator. CDI will prepare students for real-world experience by producing professional multimedia products and services for local and national non-profit organizations in addition to DeVry, Inc and DeVry affiliated colleges.